What People Are Saying About iMoneyCoach
“This program has helped so much more than our finances.  If we’d never come for coaching, we would just be like roommates, living in the same house.  I had no idea how much our relationship and our marriage would grow.  We talk to each other more than we have in 25 years together.”     - Maggie Davis of Grand Junction, Colorado

“I read other books and the information was great but I could never put it into practice.  This program is personal, specific to me, and offers the accountability to make things happen.”    - Carol Hodges of Westminster, Colorado

“I would give anything to have had this coaching ten years ago, or even five years ago.  My finances and family would be in a completely different place today.  But the hopeful thing is, it’s never too late to learn and to change.”
- Larry Zimbelman of Westminster, Colorado

“I know that we don’t have to stay stuck in this cycle of never knowing where our money goes. I feel empowered and we have a whole new sense of possibility about the future.”   - Kristi Rathbun of Centennial, Colorado

“On the outside I was really doing fine with money, but in my mind I never felt like I had a handle on it. I told myself I’m not a money person, and that gave me an out. Through the coaching process I actually think differently, and I feel complete confidence with my finances now.”     - Teri Muenchau of Denver, Colorado

“I had been to financial advisors in the past and because I didn’t have a bundle of money to invest with them, they didn’t seem interested in me.  This was the first time someone was ready to take me where I am today and work with me.  The coaches really want what’s best for me first.”      - Rob Rathbun of Centennial, Colorado

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