We’re going to start with a disclaimer. We are going to talk about how iMoneyCoach is different from other financial programs. And that doesn’t mean that we are putting those other programs down or trying to throw them under the bus. There are people and organizations out there that have made an impact on thousands of people and their finances. But we’d like to share what sets us apart.

iMoneyCoach is a financial training and coaching company. This means that we focus on your finances AND your life. You see, we believe that money is the smallest part of your finances.  That sounds a little strange, I know. But when you look a little closer, you will see that it’s actually the rest of life that has the biggest impact on your finances.

There are many other programs out there that deal with finances. You may have read Rich Dad, Poor Dad or attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Or you’ve followed Suze Orman’s show. Perhaps you have picked up a number of good financial workbooks or attended seminars about getting out of debt and becoming rich that were really exciting and had great information. Any of these things may work for some people. But if you are reading this, then chances are that it didn’t work out quite right and you are left feeling a little unfulfilled and wanting more.

Often we find that even after attending seminars filled with good content, or reading books with good ideas, or participating in a small group that provides good support, people still fail at their finances. And that is because these programs fail to address the most important factor in financial health: your life.


At iMoneyCoach we dig deeper and ask you to consider some questions like:

  • What do you think money is? Security? Happiness? Trouble? Cause for divorce?
  • What did you learn about money when you were going up?
  • What are your fears about money? That you won’t have enough? That you will run out? That others won’t like you if you don’t have enough of it?
  • Why do you spend money on the things you do? Do you spend money to try and win friends and gain influence?
  • What goals are you setting in your spiritual life that will help you financially?

It’s All About Life Balance

Besides focusing on your beliefs about money, we also share the concept of Life Balance and how working on all the areas of your life can allow your finances to thrive. Imagine a bridge that gets you from an unfulfilling life to one of happiness and financial freedom. Each part of your life (Spiritual, Personal, Relationships, Work, and Finances) is a stepping stone of that bridge. If some of those areas are really low and suffering, you come to gaps in the bridge and cannot cross to the other side.

Conversely, if you are just surviving in most areas except for one where you are really doing great, it can end up acting as a huge roadblock that you can’t climb over to get to the other side. All the areas of your life need to be level. And as you work on each area, you can begin to move them all up to success and eventually to a level of significance where you are sharing your success and teaching others so they can be successful too. This last part is leaving a legacy, and it’s something that iMoneyCoach believes is important. Not only are you helping yourself, but you are passing along knowledge and success that helps other people.

So that’s how we are different. But you may be wondering, what about the money? What about the budgeting? We still teach you the basics of good money management! As you learn about Life Balance and the iMoneyCoach philosophy, we teach you about getting out of debt, budgeting, setting up the right accounts, what your spending personality is and how to work with it as you budget, how to set goals and reach your financial dreams, and how to teach your kids about money. We also offer numerous money-saving tips and ideas to help you keep spending down.

One part of our goal is to get you to a place we like to call HomeFree. That is where the money you make from your savings and investment accounts is greater than the amount you spend each month. On top of that, you have your income so you can save and invest more and pay for the things that truly matter to you.

The other part of our goal is to get you to a place where you can truly and honestly say “I LOVE my life!” It’s that place where things are going well and you are finding success and enjoyment in your days. A place where you are able to live your dreams.

So are we putting down other programs? No. But we will share with you that the number of clients we have who have gone through those programs and still need more is telling. If you’ve tried workbooks and seminars or if you’ve followed Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and you find you just need something more, then iMoneyCoach is a great place to be. Get started with us today and you’ll truly be taking the first steps towards financial freedom and a life you love.

Watch this video to learn more about iMoneyCoach and what we do.