Happy New Year from All of Us at iMoneyCoach!!!

We all know that New Year’s Resolutions have a tendency to fizzle out shortly after the holidays. Some can be so well-intended, and you are so excited about them, that you may wonder why all of the sudden they do not seem so great after-all.

This year I am challenging you to ditch your New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, do not even bother making them. It is a wasted effort that most often does more harm than good and may even put you further away from what you want than you are now. Instead, I encourage you to put a little bit of time and effort into creating some real, actual goals that you can feel good about and that will last.

What is the difference, you may ask. The difference is that the typical resolutions do not have the essential qualities of goals which are: measurable, realistic, challenging, tied to your values, and evoke positive emotion.

They may have one or two of these characteristics, but they need ALL of them to be true goals that will actually matter, change your life, and be something motivating that you will have the drive to complete.

The first three – measurable, realistic, and challenging – are the basics. You have to have measurability in order to say whether you have reached your goal. Think in terms of how many, how much, what time, when, how often, etc. If you want to do 1,000 situps a day, at the end of the day you have either reached 1,000 or you have not. It’s pretty cut and dry.

For a goal to be realistic, it means you need to have a plan. You may say that your goal is to sell 1 million books this year, but have you written a book? Have you had it printed or made into an online version? Are you marketing it? If you have a plan, your goal is realistic, but if you do not have a way to reach it, then you probably won’t.

A goal must also be challenging. We as humans need challenge. If something is too easy, it is not going to make an impact on your life. So why do it? If you set a goal to do 1 situp a day, what is the point? What is that actually going to do? Be sure you make your goals challenging.

Stay tuned for more information on goals from iMoneyCoach! We are going to do a more in-depth series on goals and teach you how to set goals that matter and that will bring you success.

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