Are you wishing you had more time on the clock and more money in your wallet? There’s an app for that.

We’ve done some research to find legitimate apps that can save you time and money:
apps to save money
1. Key Ring App - If you are tired of carrying around a stack of reward cards that seem to be available everywhere, from your favorite restaurants to the pet store to the makeup store, then you can use this free app on your Android or iPhone to store all of the reward cards.

When you get to the register, you can scan the screen without having to dig through a mountain of cards to find the right one (or find that you left that one at home!). You can also share your cards so that you and your spouse or kids can save up rewards together. This is a great way to organize your wallet to save time and money. For more info, see this video on the Key Ring App from ABC News.

2. Snapguide – This iPhone (and iPod or iPad) app is a great place to find step-by-step guides on any number of projects. And it lets you create guides to help others. Say, for example, you would like to be able to still use makeup that is broken and crumbled in a container instead of having to buy a new compact, see this guide. You can search for guides here. If there is something you know how to do well and want to share with your friends or clients, you can easily take pictures with your Smartphone through the process and add instructions, and voila!
3. CheckPlease has a free version for Droid and iPhone – This app allows you to easily calculate the tip when dining and can also split up a bill among diners. All you do is enter the bill amount, the percentage you would like to tip, and the number of people splitting the bill. No more confusion about how much to pay or one person getting stuck in the awkward and unfortunate position of footing the remainder of the bill!

4. Coupon Sherpa - lets you use coupons at stores by scanning your device, no more clipping! Save 10%, 15%, or more just by pulling up your coupon on the app for the cashier to scan or enter into the register. Works with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Here is a video of Coupon Sherpa featured on Denver’s Channel 2 news.

5. CompareMe for iPhone – helps you stretch your budget by giving you an accurate cost comparison. If store A gives you 10 ounces of a product at a certain price, but you can buy 50 ounces at another store for another price, you can enter all of the information into this app to see which is the better deal. Also good for figuring out if an item on sale is really a better deal than the store brand item right next to it.

6. Skype – is now free for your Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone! Use this app to make video calls to friends and family for free, without using your calling plan minutes.

Please let us know what your favorite money-saving apps are so others can get in on the savings!

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