If I tell you that improving your work life can improve your finances you might say “duh.” How do I think you get your money in the first place? But I’m talking about more than just hoping you get a raise each year just because a year has passed. At iMoneyCoach, we believe it is important to improve your work life in order to improve your finances.  Not only can these ideas give you a possibility for more income, but they can help you find an overall balance in your life. And if your life is balanced, you will be happier, healthier, and more financially successful.

  • Always be productive working in an area of your expertise. You will likely be much more successful working in an area that you know and are good at than a field where you don’t know what you are doing. This may sound obvious, but many people end up in careers that do not suit them or are not a good use of their expertise, and they might benefit from a change (more on this next week!).
  • Create more value for your employer than what you are being paid. If you make $10 an hour and work like you make $10 an hour, then why would you expect a raise? Asked another way, why would your employer feel compelled to pay you more if you are producing exactly what he is paying you for already? If you work like you make $11 an hour, your employer can see your effort and value and may be more likely to give you a raise.
  • Create more value for your clients/customers than what you are being paid. When you give clients a greater value, they will likely return to you and send you referrals.
  • Spend time improving your skills and increasing your knowledge. Consider taking classes or doing research to continually improve and keep up on your career. This will help you in your current position and would be beneficial should you want or need to search for another job.
  • Be positive. It can be easy to fall into the habit of complaining about work and co-workers and bosses, but maintaining a positive attitude can do wonders. Try to be friendly to your co-workers, and look for the positive in your projects. Your positive attitude can have a huge impact on the work you produce.

Now, some of these concepts are taken from the iMoneyCoach Constitution where we have created a list of principles to live by. Be sure to check it out to see the principles in each of the 5 life segments. Next week we’ll talk about career seeking – and how to decide if a new career might be right for you.

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