We as humans are spiritual beings. As such, it is important to maintain our spiritual life as part of balancing our whole lives so that we can be successful and leave a lasting significance. If you neglect your spiritual life, you will eventually feel an emptiness or longing for something more. Often when people have not taken care of the spiritual aspect of their lives and have developed this emptiness, they tend to make drastic changes to try and satisfy that need. This can cause an imbalance in other areas of life, creating more problems to fix. We suggest taking some small steps and building up to balance (this is true for any area of life).

iMoneyCoach recommends these fundamentals for balancing your spiritual life:

  • Know what you believe about your creator and why. This will help you put your life into focus and shape the decisions you make. If you believe you were created for a certain purpose, then this will be reflected in the choices you make with your whole life, including your body, relationships, career, and finances.
  • Share your beliefs with others in a kind and loving way. There is no need to beat someone over the head with your beliefs, but if they are truly important to you then you should be sharing them (again, in a kind and loving way). Someone once said that if you believed a truck was coming down the street and would hit a person standing in the middle of the road, you would tell them that the truck was coming rather than watch as they get hit. The same holds true with spiritual beliefs.
  • Spend time regularly for reflection and prayer. It is easy to get caught up in the daily “to-do” lists and all the distractions of life, but putting aside time for reflection and prayer can have a huge impact.

This concept of life balance is key to the iMoneyCoach philosophy. Learn more about it on our website or in our fully narrated, interactive online courses that you can take in the privacy of your own home at any time that is convenient for you.

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