For years we at iMoneyCoach have helped people face-to-face in dealing with the issues in their lives that cause money troubles. And we have taught them how to get out of debt, how to budget successfully, how to live a life of balance where the different areas of their lives are actually helping their finances instead of hurting them, how to keep track of spending, and so much more.

But we knew that we needed to branch out in our journey of helping people become successful with their money. There were many people who are so busy with their work, children, and other commitments, that they did not have time to meet in the office with us. There are also people who feel embarrassed by their financial situation and do not want to face someone with their problems. There are spouses who argue all the time and do not make the commitment to visit us together to work on their financial (and marital) issues.

So we spent a long time compiling everything we do in our face-to-face coaching sessions and building online courses that will still bring the success that we have seen our clients attain. But these courses are offered online, opening up a whole new world of convenience, lower cost, privacy, and the ability for spouses to work together on their finances. Now people can take these courses when it is most convenient for them. If it is best to think about money at 8pm when our offices are closed, now people have the option of logging in and working on the course at that time instead.

Online Finance CoursesWhat makes our courses special? We know that not everyone learns in the same way. Some are more visual while others are more auditory, while yet others learn best kinetically (doing). So not only did we work to make our courses a fun and engaging learning tool, but we added videos and images for our visual learners, full narration for our auditory group, and several quizzes and worksheets for our kinetic learners. We are positive that these courses can be useful to you no matter what your learning style.

So if you want to learn how to get out of debt while sitting in your jammies or figure out how to make a budget without eliminating every ounce of fun after putting the kids to bed, now you can. If you want to discover the secret to never fighting about money again, you and your spouse can sit down together and find it here (or you can find it first and then let your spouse think it is his/her idea to go through the courses so you can get on the same page). No matter your schedule or situation, we want you to be able to use our financial tools when it is convenient for you and to be successful with your finances. So head over to the iMoneyCoach University today to see what the courses are all about.

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