Did you know that your spiritual life has an impact on your finances. Please realize from the outset that I am not making any judgments for what people believe here. But I would like to point out some important things and give some ideas for how you can improve your spiritual life in such a way that your finances can thrive.

First of all, do you know what you believe? Spiritually that is… Do you believe that you were created? And to what purpose? Do you believe that there is life after death? Do you believe that helping others is rewarding? Do you believe in prayer or some form of meditation? Do you believe in God or a higher power other than yourself?

When you are able to answer all of these questions and more, then you can work on living in a way where your actions match up with your beliefs. When your actions and beliefs line up, you will feel much less tension and stress, and you can enjoy life more.

But what does this have to do with money? When you feel that there is a purpose for your life and you are living it out, you are much less likely to make choices that resemble a mid-life crisis or that are destructive. When you have a purpose or goal to live for, you are more focused and can choose to NOT spend money on things that either will not help you reach that purpose or goal or that will push you away from it.

One important thing to note though: When you do sit down and think about what you believe spiritually, you may have the urge to make some life changes. Be sure that you think through those changes and how they affect your entire life before you make a drastic overhaul. We worked with a man once who was very generous and kind and also very successful as a real estate agent. But he felt empty spiritually. To remedy that he decided to quit his job and write spiritual books. While there’s nothing wrong with what he wanted to do, unfortunately he wasn’t very good at writing and couldn’t sell the books, and since he had quit his job he had no way to support his family, and they ended up losing their home, and the kids had to make huge changes to their college plans because he could no longer afford their tuition. A better solution might have been to cut back a little on work and make time to start writing on the side to see if it could go somewhere. It’s never a good idea to cut out your source of income without having another one in place.

So as you work through what you believe and where you are at in your spiritual life, remember to think about it in the context of your entire life, and don’t make total life changes without considering how it will affect you and the people around you. For more on the topics of your spiritual life and finances, please visit the iMoneyCoach University and start the iMoneyCoach Financial Life Training System online courses.

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