Now that you are ready or have your resume outlined (see last week’s post if you missed it), we need to talk about actually choosing a job. Perhaps you are looking for a job in the same field you have worked in forever. Or maybe you are fresh out of college and looking for a job in the field of your major (or not!). Or you could be thinking that it is time for a fresh start in a new area.

So how do you decide and where do you look? What’s the first step?

The first thing is to come up with some things that interest you. Maybe you want to work with animals. Do you want to work with little animals like dogs and cats or big ones of the horse variety or even elephants? Or is your line of expertise more along the lines of sitting at a computer? Then you must decide whether your talents lie in IT-type work or clerical and administrative tasks. Make a list of the kinds of things you would like to do during your typical work day.

Remember, when you do find your job you will be doing the tasks of that job day in and day out. Make sure it is something you can enjoy.

The next step is to talk to some people in that field. Is your friend Bob who owns an insurance agency open to talking about how he got involved with the company and what he likes or dislikes about it? Give him a call. Take him out for coffee and pick his brain. Ask the tough questions to really get a feel for the job and see if it is something you might like or be good at. If you are thinking of becoming a barista, ask about the job the next time you order your latte. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and gather information. You might even consider keeping a journal of your thoughts and ideas as well as the information you have gathered through talking to others.

You can also research the job online. Do you have the qualifications you need for that type of position? Do you maybe need some more schooling or need to take a few classes to get qualified? Where can you get the education you need so that you are ready and able to do the job? Make sure that you know what it is you need to know before you try to jump into the position so that you can be prepared.

Next comes the job hunt. There are so many places to find jobs. How do you choose where to look? It depends on what you are looking for. A good place to start is on the Internet. Sites like,,,, and more offer a way to search for jobs in your area (or a potential new location). Just type in the type of job you are interested in and sort through the results to see if there are any you can apply for.

You can also check your local newspaper.There are lists of local jobs that you can look through daily. Get out your highlighter or red pen and make note of those that interest you at first glance.

Search both the Internet and your newspaper to see when there will be job fairs in your area. Going to a job fair is a good way to get out there and talk to actual people about jobs you are interested in applying for, rather than just sending in a resume.


Speaking of talking in person, next week we will cover the interview process. So get that resume all put together and polished, get ready to apply for some jobs that interest you, and we’ll teach you some ways to land that job when you go in for your interview.

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